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The Minotaur One is a mobile device designed as a toolbox for Privacy, Pentesting and embedded engineering. It provides the capabilities of a desktop in a pocket sized mobile device. We’ve even opened up access to the hardware IO pins for further tool expansion.


The Minotaur One can be completely air gapped by the removal of all radios and there are no built in cameras. To further your privacy, we’ve added a mechanical switch to deactivate the microphone.

With the ability to run any of the major operating system, you can chose which one works for you. This decentralization gives you the ability to install and configure the technology you trust. We’ll never ask you or force you to opt-in to some data mining terms of service just to use our tools.

If you’re ever concerned that your system has been compromised, use the JTAG port and re-flash both uBoot and OS anytime you want.

You’re in control of your tech.


With the ability to run any cross compiled OS and application, you can pick the tools that you need when on the job. For example, you could boot off a microSD running Kali or Net Hunter while on the clock. Once the work day is over you can replace the microSD and run Debian or Ubuntu at night or even Chrome when out with your friends. Or boot your OS of choice off the internal flash. How you configure your system, what you run and when you run it, is up to you.



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Decentralized Mobile Computing

The Minotaur One is a mobile device designed as a toolbox for Privacy, Pentesting and embedded engineering. It provides the capabilities of a desktop computer in a pocket sized mobile device. We’ve even opened up access to the hardware IO pins for further tool expansion.

The Minotaur One is a hand held mobile device designed to run a full OS so you can have the tools you need when on the job. We went with the i.MX6 Quad ARM processor since it already has an enormous ecosystem.

With two type A USB ports and a full sized HDMI port you can use our mobile device as a desktop. This way you can keep your information on a separate device.

To add functionality, we’ve provide an expansion port so you can tap directly into the hardware. Build out your tool kit by using the GPIO pins, I2C, SPI, CAN and USB. Ethernet is included on the expansion port so you can use your normal embedded development environment. Take advantage of quick cross compiles and TFPT booting.

We’ve even included a full JTAG port so you can re-flash your complete system including uBoot whenever you see fit.

We also gave you 2 USB and a full size HDMI ports. Use this mobile device for a portable desktop on the road and keep your information with you at all times.

  • i.MX6 quad core
  • 5.5" AMOLED with Capacitive touch
  • 2x USB (Type A)
  • 1x OTG USB
  • 1x HDMI
  • 3.5mm Head phone jack with mic
  • Microphone and Speker
  • 4Gig Memory
  • 16GIg Flash
  • Clam Shell case
  • Full Qwerty keyboard
  • mini PCIe slot
  • Daughter board support

    • JTAG
    • Serial Port
    • GPIO
    • Ethernet
    • SPI
    • I2C
    • CAN
  • Physical switch to disconnect the mic

The Minotaur One team decided early that our mobile device will be decentralized. What does that means to you? It means what you do with your mobile device is your business not ours. You don’t need our permission to write and distribute applications. We don’t and can’t track your usage or location because we have no control over what you are running or how you are using your mobile device. In other words we are not your Data Mining Big Brother!

By giving you full control, you can draw from thousands of web sites to build whatever apps you want to run on whichever OS you want. You can even start with Linux kernel and build your own. By drawing from Open Source software and well documented hardware, you know exactly what is and should be running at all times.

The large development ecosystem allows you to hit the ground running and build and change out the OS and apps with ease. Leverage open source software or write you own app it’s up to you. You can use it to make VoIP calls or just a portable desktop so you can keep each part of your life separate.



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Founder / CTO

Entrepreneur who's lived in R&D and internet security.

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Investor Advisor

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Investor Advisor

  Former CEO of an industry leading IoT company.

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Serial Entrepreneur.

We too like our privacy.



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Trust YOUR Tech!

Each individual is made of different personalities. We work hard to be professional at work, a loving and supportive spouse at home and a responsible adult role model with our children. There are even times we just let loose and have some fun with friends or vent our frustration. Corporations that use Big Data blur that line to our detriment and their profit. When anyone applies for a job, admission to higher education or even starts dating, we are judged based on what can be found about us on the Internet. By reducing my digital fingerprint I want to force you to meet with me, to and get to know who I really am, and not base your opinion on me from information with no context.

QuTecha is building technologies that you have complete control over. We manufacture mobile devices that don't mandate what operating system your run. We don't mandate what applications you run. We also don't mandate you give up personal information just to use it. QuTecha is in the business of providing a customizable hardware platform not reselling Big Data to marketing companies.

The Minotaur One can boot from internal Flash or a MicroSD and you can change this in a flash. This means you can run one OS when home and switch to another for work or travel. Since there is no one centralized point for software distribution, there is no one company with the ability to obtain and resell your information.



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Help Our Campaign

By supporting our crowd funding campaign you will not only get the Minotaur One at a great price, you will support the anti Big Data cause. When business decided that increasing their bottom line by selling your personal information is more important then your right to privacy it’s time to push back. They are not concerned with who they sell the information to. Nor are they concerned with whom it is resold to. The more of your personal information is leaked, the chance of being a hacked, scammed, a victim of Social Engineering or IP lost through corporate espionage increases.

As engineers, we have the power and skills to push back. When you buy a Minotaur One, what you share and whom you share it with, returns to your control.

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